Sunday, 6 February 2011

Sunday Afternoon with the Puppy

When I bought my puppy 4 months ago, I also bought a pack of doggie diapers. But I later discovered that even if it was the smallest size available, it was still too big for a 1-and-a-half-month old pug. Now 4 months later, upon seeing the pack of diapers again, I had one piece tried on my dog. 4 months gave him enough time to grow big enough to finally fit in one puppy diaper. He can use it if I decide to bring him to the mall or let him hang around inside our house, without my Mom tailing him around. Big Boy hates them, but I think he looks cute wearing one. The problem with the doggie diaper is that Big Boy's bung hole is so close to his tail, the diaper's tail hole also exposes it. So in effect, he can only use it for peeing.

Because he was in diaper mode today, I let him stay in my room for a while. Then I thought of having our pictures taken together. Yesterday I bought a Canon 50mm F1.8 lens for my camera from Digital Walker in Powerplant. And today was just a perfect opportunity to have it tested. We never had a picture together before. This was the first time.

I'm still choosing which picture to print for my empty picture frame. :)


  1. wafu ka naman pla kuya eh :)

  2. 7th pic from the left on the 1st row

  3. Conio - that's my facebook profile pic now. Hahahaha. :D

  4. yay! another pug slave. hehehe. welcome to the club. :)

    sabay landi. PAK! jowk!

    WV: fulga (panalo sa timing)

  5. ahahahaha,..kahit ako hindi ko alam kung saan dyan sa mga pics ang pwede,,..mukhang mahirap magturo baka mapagkamalan pa akong makapili ng panahon ng hapon,..hehehehe wafu kc lahat eh...


  6. sana may asao din akong ganyan--o kahit pusa man lang ok na shot para saken yung pang apat sa may pinakababa....