Monday, 31 May 2010

Lack of Interest

I was at Bona Coffee last night in Westgate with 2 friends and I couldn't help but notice how intense my friends' conversation was. They were not debating. But rather, they were explaining about their jobs, their passion. C, a doctor, is passionate about medicine and about doing his job. And H, an architect, is so much into design and the arts. Eh paano na si Felipe, a diwata, saan siya ngayon passionate? My life shouldn't get complicated thinking about this. I'm shallow in a way that I just accept everything the way I see it. But last night made me curious with what am I really super mega over to the max interested about. And I couldn't think about anything. How sad is that. 3 decades after being born, I still haven't developed an extra interest on something. Not even books. Not even fine arts. Not even boys.


Not even my job which I personally think is one of the most JUSKO-DAY-AYOKO-NA jobs in this planet (that's why I always look forward to weekends).

A month from now I will be celebrating my birthday at home with people who matter in my life. Sana, this year, I get to develop a special curiousity on something that can make my life a little more interesting, with these people or on my own.

Well, kung wala naman, sana ako ang maging pinaka makapangyarihang diwata sa probinsya ko.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Sabi ng langit, "O heto, ulan."

* wisik, wisik, wisik

Tapos na-realize niyang El Niño pa pala.

"Ay sorry ha. False alarm. Napa-aga ang wisik ko. Next month na lang, okay? Sige, take care coz I care. Babay."

At muling lumiwanag pagkalipas ng limang minuto.

Bitin. Kainis. Mas lalo yatang uminit!

Monday, 24 May 2010

The Letter M

M is for MALAS. Sabi ko na nga ba. Dapat naligo na lang ako sa gym kanina after my workout. Ewan ko ba. Ngayon lang ako nag skip maligo sa gym, natapat pa sa araw na WALA KAMING TUBIG SA BAHAY. Winner, di ba. Bwiset. Di pa ako napagigiban ng tubig nung mga bruha sa baba. So anong ginawa ko? Hu-well... may patak powers naman yung hand shower ko na naka-ipon ng isang tabong tubig kahit na paano. Ang ending, sponge bath with alcohol. O di ba, para akong senior citizen na may lagnat. Buti pa yung aso ko, nakaligo kanina nung may tubig pa.

Ngunit subalit dadapwat.... Hindi pa rin ako satisfied. Naiinitan ako. 10pm na. Sarado na ang gym. Sarado na din ang The Spa sa ATC (ahahahaha.... umambisyon talaga 'no?). Putcha. Itotodo ko na lang yung aircon ko tonight. !@#$%^&*(!!!!!!!!!

Yes, ang sungit ko. Ang sungit-sungit ko!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, 22 May 2010

Heller!!! How Are You Na!!!

Medyo nanahimik ako ng isang linggo halos kasi putcha I was too busy with work. Ewan ko ba. Parang biglang nagbulaga ang mga bwisit sa buhay ko.

"Hello kalbo. Kamusta na you? We are so back, bakla." Lovingly yours, Mga Bwisit.

And it doesn't help that some of my friends are fighting over the most non-sense thing and they're getting me somewhat involved. Nakakainis kasi ang babaw. Eh ayoko ng ganun. Ayon nga sa Bibliya ng Temptation Island, mula sa libro ni Joshua, "Rub-a-dub-dub. Two bitches in a tub." Wala. Walang point. Ganun din sila. Walang point.

Tapos pagdating ng bahay may konting homework pa tapos naghahabol pa ako sa Cafe World (uy, add niyo ako as neighbor please!) at Nighclub City. Ay haggard ang facebook. Para siyang drugs. Bawal at masama sa katawan pero binabalik-balikan dahil merong something-something.

At siguro naman napapansin ng lahat na for the past 2 weeks ay bumabagsak ang foundation at concealer ng mga ilusyonadang metrosexual dahil sa tindi ng init ng panahon ngayon. Para kang nasa sauna na walang ka-holding hands.


Ihanda ang fishnet underwear mo dahil ang balita ko pwede pang umabot ng 40 degrees ito. Camel na lang ang kulang, pwede na tayo maging disyerto.

Anyway, I got chika. I have a bad left knee, right? Which makes me unable to run nang matagalan. 30 minutes would be long enough, at treadmill lang yan. I definitely can't run on pavement. Itaga mo sa batong may sequins. Last Thursday I was at the gym running on the treadmill (waiting for my friend PHB na hindi naman pala pupunta. Hmph!) while watching an episode of Daria and another of Glee. I surprised myself that I was able to run for more than an hour! So galing, right? Yun lang pala motivation ko. Manood ng movie habang tumatakbo. Of course I must have looked crazy laughing while running pero keberrrr. Now I want a pair of wireless earphones to make my running hassle free.

Another chika. I have been shaving my head by myself for 2 weeks now and I think I do a good job. Boyfriend says I do a BETTER job than my barbero. Naks. Well, that's at least what I think he said. Suportahan talaga ang kabaliwang ito. I need new 3-blade razors.

BTW. E is getting better. He's breathing on his own na daw. And I hope this leads to his full recovery.

Oy! Check out the Google search page.

It's Google's tribute to Pacman's 30th anniversary. You can play with it using your arrows keys! Cool 'no?

Monday, 17 May 2010


I thought I was going to be fine. I thought D and P were just being dramatic queens when they said they cried when they visited E last week at the hospital. But yesterday, all I could take was a 5-second peek at him. It was enough for me. Plus the depressing mood in the ICU, it gave me a hard time breathing. While D and P were asking S for updates on E's condition, I was just there staring at his room, trying to figure out what all those numbers flashing on the machine mean. The blinking got me hypnotized. I couldn't believe that this healthy, fit, gym-going kid is now being helped by a machine just to breathe. Seeing all the instruments attached to different parts of his body and in complete discomfort just broke my heart. The whole time while in the ICU, I was just being quiet, trying to analyze the situation. If there's actually something to analyze about. The boys asked me if I was okay. I said yes. I lied. I was bothered.

Di ko kinaya 'te! Para siyang LSS sa memory ko.

I was thinking about E on my drive home. Buti na lang Sunday, walang traffic. I was so buzzed, salamat at wala akong nasagasaang pasaway na jejemon na tumatawid ng EDSA.

When a young blog friend mysteriously passed away over a month ago, I developed this point of view to always be happy, to avoid being masungit or being sad, to always look at the better side of things, people or situations (I personally call it the Tessa Prieto attitude... you gotta love her craziness). But now when I involuntarily recall images I saw at the hospital yesterday, I just couldn't flip the pages.

I'm not going to deny myself of the posibilities. I'm realistic. I at least try to. But right now, more than anything, whatever the outcome, I pray for E's comfort. I think that what matters most.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Sa Kabila ng Pahiyas

Ayos naman ang araw ko. Bumisita sa Lucban Quezon para sa Pahiyas. Nakakapagod ang biyahe. Nakakapuyat. Pero maganda naman yung piyesta. Yun nga lang, I was fighting off sleep on my drive home.

Pero wala akong makwentong masaya. Hindi ko lang siguro malagay ang sarili ko nang maayos ngayon dahil bukas pupunta ako sa ospital para bumisita sa isang kaibigang nag-aagaw-buhay.

Kinakabahan ako na hindi ko maintindihan.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Thanks how I feel today.


It looks like Noynoy's going to be the President. While the son of the man who had his father killed is going to be a Senator.


Everyone will be blogging and discussing about the elections. I will be too tired to get through the what-the-heck-happened part.

This Can't be Happening

Ack!!!!!!!!! Erap, 2nd??? How? WHy? How? Why? How? Why? How? Why? How? Why? How? Why? How? Why? How? Why? How? Why? How? Why? How? Why? How? Why? How? Why? How? Why? How? Why? How? Why? How? Why? How? Why? How? Why? How? Why? How? Heaven help us.

Fuck it. The devil lives!!!!!!! Heaven help us.

Tangina wala si Tamano?? And Mitra? I want my pretty boys in the top 12!!!! Heaven help me. LOL.

Ok ok. This is not funny. I don't know what happened. But anyway, hindi pa tapos ang bilangan. Let's pray for a better 24 hours.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Today, I Failed

I had a very good day. Voted in the morning; went to ATC with the boyfriend to pig out; went to Tagaytay to pig out some more; met up with Rusky for some tambay time; and then went home feeling happy. I was REALLY happy. I enjoyed driving with the boyfriend. The Alabang-Tagaytay route was a stress-free ride today. It was a beautiful day for a joy ride.

I'm trying to live my life now with positivity and forgiveness. And with that I'm trying to consider or see that there is goodness with everyone, even if he or she is mean to me or to other people. I'm also trying to watch my temper. My rule is to let it blow now and then forget about it right away. I don't wanna keep any of that pain. Pero minsan I just couldn't get through that last part. Some people are just unbelieveably mean.

I had a little "encounter" with a friend (and at this point, I'm trying to evaluate if I'm really considering him as a friend or just an acquaintance/jerk who I met online years ago) just a few minutes ago. The subject is quite sensitive, so I'm not going to tell anything about it. Medyo affected ako. But that's me. Suffice it to say that he was being insensitive towards another friend -- and me -- that got me worried and disturbed.

I'd like to scream. Now.

Putang ina mo Paul. You're so fuckin' insensitive. You're the biggest jerk, I so fuckin' swear, man. I still wonder if you have real friends. Seriously, it's you who needs to be checked. In the head. SERIOUSLY. You're ending my day with THIS. You made me mad and nervous at the same, I fuckin' hate you right now!

Botohan in Alabang

I parked at Ma. Cristina kasi I know the street at the other side gets full kahit na 6:30AM pa lang. I took a peek and true enough, there was already a pila of cars parked in University avenue.

The pila outside the building which was uncessary kasi may pila naman sa classrom.

List of voters.

Checked my name in the list and went to my precint. Room 4H. It used to be room 3B when I was in grade school. Hay. Zobel changed A LOT na talaga. There was a slight chuva when I got there. There was this old skinny guy who looked like an outsider and before I got there he collected names pala for the pila. I didn't list down my name kasi pucha di ko naman alam. Pero maaga pa rin ako. Di naman nakalagay sa voter's guide that was handed to me when I checked my name. A couple of us complained sa marshall kung bakit nauna pa yung mga nasa list eh mukhang hindi namang residents. AHAHAHA. Lait lait lait. That was a joke, okay??? Anyway, aparently the old guy isn't an official and he was just being kupal. Kainis. Pinagalitan tuloy. Baka flying voter pa. My gulay naman kung may ganun sa bongga province namin, di ba? Ahahaha. ANYWAY, as soon as the coño ladies beside me complained about the system, nagkaroon ulit ng bagong pila sa Holding Room and I was first in line. EH KASO, Senior citizens first daw eh 10 yung senior citizens sa kwarto. GOOD LUCK NAMAN DI BA? But it's ok. At least may aircon. Tangina. Grade 4 classrom ngayon may aircon. When I was in 4th grade..... ahhhh, nevermind.

May 1 time na I had to go to the restroom. Usually kaya kong tiisin pero kanina I super had to go talaga. So I told KC, the Comelec volunteer assigned to our precint, that I will go to the loo lang.

"KC, I super hafto go to the banyo. Save my place ok? I'll be quick."

"Ok, ok. But please make it fast kasi you're next na."

I bet she's either from Woodrose or Zobel kasi she's pretty and tisay. May ganon?? Hahaha. I saw a couple of old classmates, tapos some of Mom's prayer group amigas, tapos our old neighbor. Hilarious. Parang disaster movie. LOL. Ang dami ding cuties!! Waiting for my turn was hell. I didn't bring my iPod. Tapos I think may signal jammer sa Zobel kasi I couldn't make a call with my Globe and Sun. Makikipag daldalan sana kay boyfriend. Anyway, 40 minutes later it was my turn na. Thanks to my kodigo, I was in the voting room not more than 10 minutes. That includes writing down my name sa registry. I looked at the back side of the room before leaving and the 5 senior citizens who were MINUTES ahead of me were still filling up their votes.

I'm just glad lang that I'm done na. Pagkauwi ko, my Mom and Dad were just about to leave pa lang. I logged on to facebook and went to my Cafe. Hahaha. :D It feels like a Sunday!

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Low Batt

Nakakapagod din pala maging positive all the time. Ugh! Hindi siya nakakasawa. It's just that nakaka-drain lang physically. Siguro that's one reason some madres are masungit. Oh, I don't know. Maybe it's just me. But it's okay. I'm happy. Happier, I mean. Yesterday was my first time to attend a first friday mass alone. I had communion, even though I still don't know what it signifies exactly. Alam ko body of Christ pero, so what? My prayers will be more powerful if it's in my mouth or something like that? I don't know. I just pray na lang in my seat after receiving it. I have a problem listening to the readings. All I'd hear is blah blah blah blah and then thanks be to God or praise to you Lord Jesus Christ kahit na wala akong naintindihan. Good thing there's homily where the priest talks about the day's lesson. But the echo is one distracting communication barrier. Pero ok lang. More or less I get the jist of it. And looking at the St. James altar makes me feel at peace. I had a special intention for attending yesterday's mass. A friend is in the ICU, struggling with pneumonia. And I learned a few hours ago that he's doing better na daw so that's a relief. Salamat facebook for keeping my updated.

I did say that I'm tired. I took a nap kanina kasi I just couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. Kaya I slept in the family room instead of in my bedroom because the aircon is more bongga. And init kaya ngayon!! I'm wearing this green shirt I bought from a little tiange-ish store in ATC and it's soft and comfy, it lasted me the whole day. Normally with my other shirts by 1pm I'd be swimming in sweat kahit na I'm indoors. Ew. Yeah, it sounds gross.

I'm picking up my Mom and Dad at the airport later. So that means my saturday sweetheart day with my boyfriend is officially cancelled. And that's okay because we can make a Sunday sweetheart day anyway. I hope lang na we have time tomorrow. It's Mother's Day din kaya!

Friday, 7 May 2010

Fu-fu-fu-funny si Ja-Ja-Ja-Jamby

Starbucks?? Seryoso??

Ayaw ninyo maniwala? Heto ang puntahan ninyo.

Tengks Ha

Salamat sa mga kandidatong last minute na nangangampanya, na traffic ako sa Muntinlupa nang bongang-bonga. Add to the torture of wasting my time again on the road, it wasn't cloudy at all kaya Planet Microwave to death. Kailangan ko ang turban ni Celia Rodriguez para lang wag mainitan ang bumbunan kong hubad. Hayzzz!

I'm tired. Again. I feel so weak. What is happening to my delicious body?


Lorica, Lorica, Lorica.... ba't ang kyut kyut mo? You're like nakakagigil. Rawr!

Thursday, 6 May 2010


Traffic, krimen, kurapsyon, anomalya, pagnanakaw, pulitika, pulitika, pulitika. Tuwing makakarinig ako ng mga kwento ng mga kaibigan ko na nasa ibang bansa tungkol sa kung gaano ka epektibo at karesponsable ang gobyerno nila sa mga mamamayan, naiinggit ako. Kasi naman para bang hopeless case na ang Pilipinas.

Teka, "parang"?

Nakakapagod nang marinig ang mga kandidato ngayon na lahat nagbubuhat ng sariling bangko. Kahit na ninakaw lang naman ang bangko. Kung sa panahong ito, nahihirapan nang kumita ang mga negosyo dahil sa tindi ng kurapsyon, na dating ipinangakong aalisin ng kasalukuyang mga naka-upo sa gobyerno, paano naman kaya ang kinabukasan ko? Para akong nagtatrabaho para sa wala dahil hindi pa ako kumikita, ninakawan na ako.

Isa lang naman yan sa mga concern ko para sa bagong gobyerno. Tayo nga lang ang Christian country sa Asia, Pilipinas naman ang isa sa mga pinaka demonyong pamahalaan sa buong mundo. Hindi pa tayo kumunista sa lagay na yan. Pagkukunwari lang ba na may takot tayo sa Diyos? 24 years after EDSA revolution, gusto kong maniwala na may pag-asa pa ang Pilipinas. Pero sa takbo ng utak ng mga Pinoy ngayon, ito'y isang malaking ewan.

Parang awa niyo na. Iboto ninyo ang kandidatong pinaniniwalaan ninyong mabuti. Hindi lang dahil sa sikat.

Kahit na isang taya ka lang, mahalaga pa rin ang boto mo. Sa lunes na ang eleksyon. Sino ang ibo-bottom mo? :P

Wednesday, 5 May 2010


A friend was telling me how user-friendly tumblr is so kanina I signed up and tried setting up a new blog. Ey for EYFORT. I was looking for features like the Reading List (blogs you're following kahit naka post sa ibang blog site) tulad sa Blogger pero hindi ko makita. And the comments screening tab. I also didn't know how to upload my profile pic, pero nakita ko din eventually. Bobo levels, sorry na lang. Gusto ko din sana mag-import ng blog entries like what Multiply does. My gulay. Ang learning curve ko, humahaba na, bumababa pa. Anyway, I'll try to figure this out. And when I'm comfortable enough with it -- or if it serves my needs -- I'll delete my LJ and Blogspot na. Otherwise, post-kiti-post pa rin ako dito.


I'm at the office again. Hate ko dito kasi wala ako magawa tapos ang ingay pa ng construction sa labas. I'd rather be doing my rounds(Naks. Sipag effect). Kaso I need to be here kasi may binabantayan akong bruha. What to do, what to do. Pasalamat na lang nagpalagay ako dito ng wifi. I have an appointment an hour from now. Pero mamaya pa yun. Tapos hindi pa luto yung Atomic Buffalo Wings ko sa Cafe World.


I'm bored. Zzzzzz.... laterrrrr.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010


HR: Sir. May aplikante po. Nakapasa naman sa written exam. Tapos na-interview na ni [My Accountant]. For final interview niyo na lang po bago matangap. Kaya lang...

Me: O.... kaya lang... ano?

HR: Half boy half girl po.

(Ha? Bading? Hindi pwede yan. Ako ang boss dito. Kinakailangan ako lang mananatiling diwata sa kumpanyang ito!)

Me: Anong half boy half girl? Bakla?

HR: Girl po siya na mukhang boy.

(Ay? Butchi? Hindi din pwede yan. Magkakapatayan kami ng Timbuktung itesh! Agawang girl power 'to.)

Me: Naku, hindi magiging komportable ang mga girls natin sa ganyan. Sabihin mo na lang na on file ang application niya at tatawagan na lang siya kapag magkaroon ng opening sa kahit anong branch.


I turned down an applicant because of her sexual orientation. Para akong ipokrito 'no? But seriously, I was more concerned with the well-being of my other employees who are all girls. I don't think they will be comfortable working with a lesbian, and a butch at that. And I rely so much on my employees' attitude with our customers, hindi ko alam if my customers will be comfortable transacting with a butch at the counter. With their lodging and work set-up, I don't think it will work. I could try hiring her to prove myself wrong. But I don't want to take that risk. Not yet. Not now. Not when my people are still giving me headaches left and right.

It's so hirap to be a diwata talaga. Can I just promote myself to Diyosa? Diyow-za Zaragow-za.


Oh... oh! I got chika. I think I slimmed down. Kasi with the jeans I'm wearing now, I need to wear a belt na. Dati kasi I was so fat the pair was hugging my waist. Pero now, I can see na my puke sa luwag. Ahaha ahaha. But I still can't fit in my board shorts. I mean, mukha pa rin akong may salbabida! And speaking of puke, I saw this ad while doing my rounds in Manila.

Na turn on ako nung nakita ko ito kasi sheht, ang bastos ng nasa isip ko. Tapos nandoon pa yung bottle naka-ipit sa towel. Tapos ang bango pa ni Nonoy. So ayun. Naloka ang kaluluwa ko. I think I wanna try using this para malaman ko naman ang pakiramdam ng may fresh kiki. Sana may ibang brand kasi sa color scheme ng ad parang nagbebenta lang sila ng liwayway gawgaw. Chuh-kuh.


I'm starting to like blogger. No, I mean, I STILL hate the blogspot interface (itaga mo sa bato, it's so not user friendly talaga). But I get to discover other Filipino gay (o siya, bisexual na kung bisexual para sa mga baklitang nakulangan sa Promil) bloggers who are so hilariously closeted. Really, I'd like to meet them some day. Nakakatuwa basahin ang mga kwento ng buhay nila. At humahanga naman ako sa paraan nila ng pagsusulat. Makulay nga talaga ang buhay natin, 'no?

Monday, 3 May 2010

An Ode to the A

A couple of years ago, I was a boy who loved to drink, yet hated getting wasted. It was a fun, fun time -- in the tipsy level -- for little ol' single me. I was living a double life. A working boy during the week. Come saturday night, I chug on beer and vodka. Then drive home drunk. Sometimes I'd end up waking up parked at Shell Magallanes and wouldn't remember how the heck I was able to drive my car. I can't have that lifestyle anymore. My body won't let me. But I miss those fun nights. Dancing with complete strangers, drowning in alcohol, having pointless conversations with fellow drinkers, making chika with the friendly bartender or just enjoying the music next to the biggest speakers in the club. I bought 5 house music CDs last weekend and I'm listening -- and dancing -- to the music right now. I found a bottle of beer. So yep, I'm having a little party in my room and I'm the only guest.

Am I the only one who misses Acquario?

Takbo in Alabang

The boyfriend joined yesterday's run in Filinvest Alabang. It was my first time to actually witness this kind of event. Mahirap ha. For one, I had to wake up extra early. So clapness to the regular morning runners. Effort! Pero wag ka, pagdating namin sa venue, my eyes feasted on gwapo and hot Alabangers (na sana kapitbahay ko silang lahat di ba). Hay sarap. Kulang ang isang araw kung kakainin ko sila. Actually, shadows lang karamihan sa kanila when we got there kasi super early morning pa yun. Pero dahil siguro nadevelop ang night vision ko sa kapupunta sa bathhouse noon, alam ko na sa dilim kung sino ang gwapo o mongrel. Sana one day ma-develop ko rin ang power na maka detect sa malayuan kung sino and bad breath at jologs jejemon.

Cutie photographer alert!

Part of the 10k group

Anyway, it was Hani's first 10k run EVER. I think he was excited about it. I was excited to look at the sea of men. Ahaha. Cuties, Daddies, Twinks, Hotties. Lahat meron! Putcha ang landi ko. HENIWEYS, I got worried when the other 10k runners started arriving at the finish line tapos wala pa rin siya. Dinasal ko ulit yung dinasal ko para sa sarili ko the last time I ran on pavement 5 months ago.

"Bakla, 'wag kang himatayin. Nakakahiya!!!"

Tapos parang magic, nakita ko na siya sa lente ko and I started taking pictures. And he clocked in at 1 hour and 7 minutes. I don't think that was bad at all!

Hani at the finish line.

I brought my camera with me, long lens attached, so I can take pics of boyfriend in action. Kasi naman itong Photovendo kinukunan ka kahit haggard ka na. Minsan naman mukha ka nang ginahasa ng balyena sa sobrang pagod. Boyfriend now has better running pictures. Naks. Hehe.

Remember to smile when you see these guys kahit na haggard ka na para kagandahan ka pa rin sa pictures. Ahaha.

Salamat sa baong basura ha! Hmph!

First time to see this much cars parked on the road in Filinvest.

And speaking of running, I haven't done any! Yeah, I know. I said I was gonna start running outdoors 2 weeks ago pero wala eh. Shy ako. More of conscious, actually. I wanna run at night sana. Pero, hay nako, call me Lazy Boy. O, yun na. I'll stick to running on the thread mill.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

The Morning Wedding

I will deny that I have been living under a rock but I didn't know that there was a road called Daang Reyna before I got invited to today's wedding. Tumanda Lumaki ako dito sa Alabang pero Daang Hari lang ang alam kong meron. I thought it was a joke. But a peek at Google Maps confirmed it. Anyway, it was an 8AM wedding. The place, Fernbrook Gardens in Alabang, is just beautiful. The church is small, perfect for intimate weddings. And I can guess having a wedding here costs a lot of bucks! One problem though. Hindi kaya ng mga aircon palamigin yung buong place. Even the reception area. Probably because it was day time, you're aware naman how the weather is now. Siguro kung sa gabi kayang-kaya. So parang nasa oven kami sa church, lalo na sa reception area. Good luck sa mga nakalimot mag lagay ng deodorant, di ba?

But anyway, it was a fun wedding, as usual.

Unti-unti nang nababawasan ang mga single sa high school friends ko. La lang. Chika ko lang.

I drove home in a scorching car. Scorching kasi nababad siya under the sun for 5 hours! Kaya ngayon, nagkukulong ako sa computer room with the airconditioner on.

I was suppose to blog last night about the sudden down pour. I was on my way to church, driving and I couldn't see anything on the road. It was scary. Anyway, I'm too lazy to make chika about that.

Right now I'm waiting for the boyfriend. Baka hang out kami sa ATC this afternoon, then early dinner. He's sleeping over kasi may run siya tomorrow morning sa Filinvest. Kinakarir ang mga running event. At ako ang dakilang kodakero.