Sunday, 20 July 2014

I Got an Orange Dot View Case!

I've had my HTC One M7 since last year. It's a great phone really. Except for the camera.  Pictures and videos taken at low light have this purple tint that every M7 user has been complaining about online.  I stuck onto it for many months kasi unlike the metro manila social cimbers here, nanghihinayang naman ako sa pera ano.  That and kuripot lang talaga ako.  Anyway alternative ko naman is my pocket camera which is fine.  

The M8 came out a few weeks ago and made available to local shops.  Sa totoo lang I was deciding on getting the M8 or the Samsung S5.  Samsung because boyfriend is a Samsung user.  And M8 because it really is a reliable phone with a more than socially acceptable design (ahaha) and a solid body pero nabahala ako sa camera nanaman.  Baka kamo it sill has the same purple tint problem.  Until I saw an actual unit in the hands of a friend.  Think about this.  He previously had a Z2 pero he decided to get an M8 and stuck with it.  Camera wise, mas maganda yung sa Z2, hands down.  Pero over all, the M8 is more favorable.   Noong nakita ko, it's reeeeaaally niiiice.  It's more bongga with the Dot View Case.  

I was suppose to buy from but the website kept on rejecting my credit card.  Na-Imbyerna ako.  I got my unit at nstead.  Pwedeng i-deliver, may additional charge lang but that's ok kasi mura naman ang benta nila.  I didn't see the credit card payment option for BPI card holders kaya I opted to pay OTC sa bank and the nearest bank the time I confirmed my order was BDO.  I hate BDO because of the loooong lines and bruhildang tellers na kala mo mas kailangan namin sila instead na mas kailangan nila ang customers.  

May pinanghuhugutan?  Chos!    Heniwey, I went through it na lang para matapos na. 

Dapat ide-deliver yung unit sa akin but the boyfriend decided to surprise me and picked it up himself Saturday morning.  Nagulat ako nung binigay niya sa akn yung package nung sinundo ko siya.  Napa Sushmita scream ako sa tuwa.  Malapit naman daw sa kanila yung office sa Manila, a street away from Robinson's Place.  Medyo nalugi yata ako doon kasi I paid for the delivery fee pero it was sweet naman of him to surprise me (he has the copy of my confirmation email and payment) that way instead of waiting for it ng 5 days pa.  

And because of the surpirse early delivery of my phone, napapunta na rin kami ng Greenhills para kumuha ng case.  The Dot View Case for the M8 is available doon sa mga stores na nagbebenta ng original Capdase.  I got mine for 2,000 pesos.  Kung makakuha ka ng mas mura, bongga ka.  

Anyway, I'm happy with my new phone.  And I super appreciate what the boyfriend did for me.  

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