Thursday, 28 October 2010

3PM Burp

Pucha. Akala ko naman kahit na maaga ang alis ko, makakatakas na ako sa traffic. Hindi din pala. Siksikan sa Parañaque. Siksikan sa Makati. Siksikan pa rin sa Manila. Kahit pabalik ng Alabang, siksikan pa rin. Sana lalakeng hotties ang kasiksikan ko. Eh hindi! Bus drivERs, Truck drivERs, Jeepner drivERs, motorcyle ridERs at jejemonERs lang namaaaaaaaan. Hmph! Nakaka-haggard lang kasi naaksaya ang oras ko sa kalye. Buti na lang tumawag ang nanay ko. Pauwiin na lang daw ang driver ko dahil maglu-Lunch kami sa Bacolod Chicken House sa BF Homes. The best chicken inasal and batchoy in Parañaque... in Alabang... sa South... sa Luzon.... sa Philippines.... sa Universe... PUCHA KAHIT SA MILKY WAY GALAXY!!!!!!!!!!! Waaaaaaaahhhh!!!!!!

Sorry. Kasalukuyang nagsi-swimming sa mantika ang sistema ko.

I should be avoiding mga pagkaing mamantika at batchoy pero inisip ko baka pwede naman ako lumamon paminsan-minsan, kahit na hindi pa officially weekend. Tutal, sumakit naman ang arms ko sa kawo-workout kahapon.

ECHOS sa workout!

Going back home, I rode with my Mom and Dad. As usual, hindi binuksan ng driver ni Mudra ang radyo dahil enough na ang bunganga ni Mudra para talunin ang ingay ni Mike Enriquez.

Oo nga pala. Kahit na ilang buwan ko nang nakikita ito, bothered talaga ako sa billboard ni Greta.

So sa lagay na yan, model si Greta ng sabong 'yan dahil "mayaman" siya at kapag gumamit ka niyan, magmumukhang "mayaman" ka din. Emphasis on the quotation marks. Ehehe ehehe.

I'm just killing some time now. Meeting up the boyfriend within an hour.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010


It has almost been a month and even though the new dog keeps me distracted somehow, I am still reminded of Dexter whenever I walk through our garrage. I still miss that big puppy. 10 years ko din kasi kasabay na tumanda yan.

Yun lang naman.

And speaking of the new dog, here's a pic of Big Boy right after I brought him home from his 2nd vet visit last Saturday. One of the few moments he stood still for the camera.

Isn't…. he… a…. CUTIE??

I just wish he'd grow up soon. He's so hyper, I can't keep up with him. But if he's grown up na, I can safely take him out for walks.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010


I'd like to believe na hindi ako magastos na tao. I mean, hindi naman ako mahilig bumili ng mamahaling damit, kasangkapan or iba pang mga gamit. Mukha nga akong patay gutom eh. Pramis. But there are some things na super mega love ko na paniniwala kong magandang pagkagastusan dahil good investment naman, aside from it actually makes me happy. Kamikaze -- my iMac -- conked out on me last week. I didn't panic naman kasi my computer automatically makes back-ups on an external drive using Time Machine (I upgraded Kamikaze from OS X Tiger to OS X Leopard), though honestly I wasn't completely sure if it was really doing it's thing because I never retrieved a back up ever. Kamikaze has been acting up for some months and I was already planning of buying a new iMac pero the kuripot person within was stopping me. Pero ayun. Na deadz ang Kamikaze last week. Witchels na siya mag start ever at biglang tingilingiling ang idea kez na "Go Felipe! Go buy a new iMac. Now na, vaklah. Now Na-ah-ah-ah!"

May source ako sa QC, kay Liteware Computers, na mura magbenta ng Mac computers as in super mega baba, mas mababa pa sa pototoy ni Totoy Mola. Kaya lang low price yun kung cash mong babayarin. Medyo lang mabigat sa kaban yun, di ba? Kaya nag decide akong magbayad nang installment ng 12 months na lang kahit na sa regular price. I checked on the online store for the price of the cheapest iMac (still with excellent specs, FYI). Ayun keri sa installment budget. Go naman ako sa Powermac store sa Festival Mall. Aba, iba ang presyo nila compared to the online price. Parang 5k pesos more. Kung same price daw sa online store, cash basis.


I called up Switch store sa ATC and asked for that same unit's price. Ganun din, mas mahal ng 5k. Tapos nawalan ako nang ganang bumili kahit na babayaran ko pa nang installment ng 12 months kasi parang feeling ko lugi ako. Tapos habang nagmumuni-muni kami ni Hani sa mall, may nakita kaming Electronics Store pero Apple Retailer din pala. Hindi ko na matandaan yung name ng store (pero nasa tapat siya ng Sun Cellular office at iScape Internet Cafe sa Festival Mall) but they were selling iMacs at the same price as the online store at pwedeng 1 year installment.

So bili naman ako and as soon as I got home, I retrieved my back up using Migration Assistant and after an hour and a half, it's as if I'm using my old set up on my new iMac. Everything was restored. Applications, desktop pic, data, movies, pictures, emails… even my torrent downloads. Time Machine is amazing (available on OS X Leopard and Snow Leopard). I now have a higher respect for Apple computers.

So ayun. Ang gastos ng week ko. The other Sunday, I got a new Pug. Happy naman ako. para akong may bagong anak. Gising early para pakainin at ipa-pupu. Last. week, I bought a new iMac (Kamikaze 2!). Brought my old iMac to Liteware para ipa-check kung anong sira at kung pwede pang ipa-ayos. And last weekend Hani and I both bought a new DSLR (I'm selling my Canon 400D, FYI).

Whew! Christmas came too early for me. I'm leaving my credit card at home from now on.

I took some pics while I was doing my rounds in Muntinlupa & Laguna today.

Wala lang. I just wasn't happy. Tapos bored pa ako sa kotche.

I missed blogging. But more than that, I miss being funny.

* Sigh

Talentadong Pinoy

I saw this while passing through Filinvest Alabang this morning.

Amusing. Pero comment nga sa Facebook ko nung na-post ko ito, mukhang delikado. Oo nga, delikado. Walang helmet yung aso. :D

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Video Test

video test from my Canon 60D, reformatted to reduce resolution and file size using iMovie.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Big Boy

I went to Tiendesitas with the boyfriend to just LOOK at cats. I wasn't planning on actually getting one. But I ended up buying a Pug puppy. Biglaan talaga! I named him Big Boy. That's the name of my imaginary dog (and if I've gotten a lazy persian cat instead, I would have named him Torrent, the name of my imaginary cat. LOL).

He was hyper when I got him from the store. Pero on our way home na to Alabang, Big Boy slept on my lap the whole trip. Either super pagod siya or talagang mesmerizing ang amoy ng Freshmen masculine wash.

ANYWAY, I showed Big Boy our garden, and he ran around like a wild rat. Muntik pang mahulog sa pool. LOL. Right now he's sleeping again. NAKAKAGIGIL! Rrrrrrrrawrrrrrr!!!!!

Friday, 15 October 2010

Ito Lang Ang Masasabi Ko

OMGosh! Twister Fries are baaaaaaaack!!!!

* Gasp

Like like like liiiiiiiiiiike!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Weekend Thingamajigs

I don't know how to write the intro about the weekend I just had but in simplest effort-free description about it, it was relaxing. Well, I'd like to think that it was. Yesterday, Hani was scheduled to do an after-lunch pre-nup shoot as a favor for a friend and I was suppose to accompany him for that. But at the last minute, the couple had to postpone it. And as a result, Hani had more time at the gym while I had... uhm... and extended lunch. LOL. I made a mental note to myself that Saturday is lamon day so I shouldn't complain.

ANYWAY, it's KD's birthday on Monday and the Southies and his S.O. gave him a surprise dinner thingamajig. Actually, it was KD who invited everyone for dinner in Alabang. Hay nako, I'm too lazy to make kwento. Basta, we had dinner at Galileo Enoteca & Deli in Mandaluyong and KD was, uhm, SURPRISED to see us there. Bibili lang dapat siya ng wine. LOL! Anyway, half of the group wasn't there on time (some things just DON'T CHANGE.... LOL) so... yeah, sumemplang ang surprise. Ahaha. I'm wondering if that place is a gay joint because I swear at least four different tables were occopied by badingerzies. How amusing. LOL. I don't know about the pastas but the pizzas were good, as long as they're still warm. Hani and I didn't follow to the group's post-dinner coffee break. We had to sleep early coz we already made plans for Sunday. I brought D home to Las Pinas. I was in bed in Alabang by midnight. And for some strange reason I woke up at 3AM. I went online with my iTouch and chatted for a few minutes with my friend Boyet and then went back to sleep.

I woke up at 8AM because Hani called me on my mobile.

"I'm on my way."

"Patay. I'm still in bed."


I had a few bites of breakfast and then went through my usual banyo business. I was ready to go when the boyfriend arrived. We went to Tagaytay in style. (wink, wink). We used the E240. Basta, ganun. We first went to Paseo de Sta. Rosa and did some window shopping. Discovered some new alleys and roads while we were at it.

Then we had lunch at the Fire Lake Grill at the Cliffhouse. Lunch was a bit expensive but Hani says we should have expensive dates sometimes para hindi na lang kami laging parang nasa Food Court. Ahaha. Not a problem with me naman. We plan to dine at hotel Sofitel one of these days but we're saving our appetite for it. We don't really eat a lot na parang there's no tomorrow but I already tried the Spiral Buffet at Sofitel a couple of times and it's like a feast made in heaven. The selection is like endless. Basta, I'd like to go there with the boyfriend when we find the time. ANYWAY, our food was good. My pork steak was impressively tender and Hani's beef was flavorful. Then we had Mochi. Tapos I had Yogurt. Hani was already too full at that moment for yogurt. I was mysteriously still hungry. LOL.

For coffee, we went to Java Jazz, which is after the main road that leads to Sta. Rosa, right beside T house Tagaytay. We discovered this place when Hani and I had an over-night stay at the T House either last year or 2 years ago. It's a cozy little place that has a Gallery wall that features art works of different mediums. It's like your little Sagada or little Cubao X. We ordered their Kapeng Pinoy, which I assume is Kapeng Barako (oh no not again!) with 2 pandesals with palaman for each of us. Sarap ng coffee.

We then had to go back to Alabang because Hani had a badminton game at 4pm in makati. I spent the rest of my afternoon watching my DVD of "Across the Universe" (which I got on sale last weekend at Powerplant) starring Vampire Queen Sophie-Ann. I can't remember her real name. Basta that's her True Blood character. LOL.

So yeah, it was a hassle-free weekend for me. Saya naman. :D

Friday, 8 October 2010


If you're a fan of True Blood, may bago akong crush doon. Si Tommy, Sam's brother. Yung shape shifter din. So siyempre, google-kiti-google naman ako to find out more about him. His name is Marshall Allman and he has been doing TV and Short Films for some years now. And check this out, he did a gay short film in 2005. Kaloka ang story. It's about 2 (cute) brothers na naka-inlaban at naglaplapan at nagjombogan. Sounds more like a Pinoy indie-indihan film to me. Pero walang nudity sa film. May konting kissy-kissy, more underwear show but that's it. Pero, la lang. Cute lang siya. Gusto kong pumunta sa Cartimar at bumili ng pet na kasing cute niya. LOL.

Starcrossed - Gay Shorts
Uploaded by ace4spade. - Full seasons and entire episodes online.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Attention Mga 'Te!

Mga 'te! Mga 'te! Watch tayo nito! Bikini Hunks daw. Alam mo yung mga boylet sa kanto na hindi man lang nagti-trim ng black forrest ng singit pipiliting mag suot ng bikining pang camel toe. Windang komanechi kalowka! O ano, game? Ask mo na ang suking masahista kung gusto niyang sumali. GO!


Friday, 1 October 2010

Should I Come Home This Year?

I already went last year. I don't know if I'm going this year. I feel lazy na. ANYWAY, The 2010 DLSZ Grand Alumni Homecoming, December 11, 2010. Hosted by Batch '85, co-hosted by: Batches 1990, 1995, 2000, 2005, 2010.