Sunday, 9 August 2009

Decisions, decisions

I woke up this morning recharged, thanks to an uninterrupted sleep brought by a tiring Saturday and insomnia-free night. I planned to give my dog a bath after breakfast. But it was cloudy outside giving hints of a rain. I decided go to the vacant lot with Dexter and visit the spot where Mimi Sue is buried. We then went around the lot and went back home. After 30 minutes, I was still unsure if I will give Dexter a bath or not. Every 5 minutes, cloudy turned sunny then back to cloudy again. It was a frustrating situation. I decided to just give Dexter a bath on it’s-really-going-to-be-sunny day, and that’s not today!

I was also thinking of going to the gym. But should I go in the morning or in the afternoon? Then I remembered my Tita’s coming over to use my computer to go online and check her bank accounts before she goes back to New York tomorrow but I have to be home to turn on the Mac for her. My Tita’s like my Mom, just a simple action, like turning on the computer, can make her ask a thousand questions. THEN I decided to work out in the afternoon. Images of a crowded weekend gym popped in my mind. Hay, parang tinatamad na ako. I think I want a massage more. But should I go to Las Piñas which is nearer, or New York Spa or Amistad in QC which have way better massage and facilities.

Ayan nanaman. Tinatamad na tuloy akong lumabas...

...I think I’ll just stay home and play The Sims 3.

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