Saturday, 27 March 2010


As I blankly stare at the TV screen while playing a DVD movie of a favorite animation, I realize once again that I'm not as happy as I'm suppose to be. I wish for a lot of things. Mostly simple ones like I a copy of Madonna's Blonde Ambition Tour DVD or shallow ones like a flab free waist. But what I really want more is to see my friends often. I need the company. I wish I have someone to hangout with at home. I'm watching a DVD all by myself, yet pretending I have my friends sitting beside me. How sad is that?

Friends are starting to live away. In effect, it seems I'm the only one left here in Alabang.

Pero nagpapasalamat naman ako na nakilala ko sila. And I'm extra thankful that they're all good people. But why does it seem that I'm back to being the one at the end of the line again. I mean, right now I feel friendless.

Nakakasawa nang magkunwari lagi. When I take a swim, I pretend I have a friend with me. When I play Warcraft, I pretend that a friend is in the other room with a computer fighting my character instead of the computer's AI. When I play my Wii, again, I'm in my imaginary world.

This is how I was when I was a kid. And growing up like this wasn't fun at all.

Some people would have gone crazy. I'm a survivor. I guess I am a natural loner.

Mabuti pa si Bolt may bagong friends kahit wala pala siyang super powers.

* sigh

I miss Mimi Sue. I need a hug. :(

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  1. Omigod, I know how you feel man. Only in reverse. I'm one of those who packed up and I'm missing my friends back home :(