Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Good-Bye Dexter

Dexter. Jan 25, 2000 - Sept 29, 2010

I named you after a crazy cartoon character. We spent the last 10 years growing old together. From the day you were given to me as a puppy until the very last minute we were together, you have been the malambing puppy who always has a smile for me. And I will miss that welcoming smile. You have been very loyal even though I haven't really taken good care of you. But because you have become uncomfortable and I know you're in pain whenever you move due to your age and unkown ailments, I believe it was best to finally put you to sleep. It was painful for me to do this. But it was painful for me as well to see you ache everyday. You were not happy so I know it was time.

I will miss your brown eyes; the way you tap my hand with your nose to tell me you wanted me to pet you, the way you bite your chain when we go out for a walk; the way you lean on my leg when you wanted to be hugged; when we watch the fireworks together every New Year's eve; and many other things.

I'm sorry. And thank you for the years you were with us my dear loyal, happy and smiling puppy. You will always be my baby Dexter. You will have a new life at the Rainbow Bridge. A healthier and happier one.



  1. He surely will be missed.

    Wonderful, captivating photo of a time well spent with him.

  2. kami rin namatay aso naming si Barrack last monday may intestinal problem.

    Ganda ng photo nyo,pagkakaibigang walang kapantay

  3. heto ka na naman, felipe. dinudurog mo na naman ang puso ko! huhuhu!

  4. Aris - as much as I'd like to have a happy blog, I couldn't help but share what I was feeling. Ngayon lang naman ito. :)

  5. condolence!!!!!!!!!! hugsss!!!!!!!!

  6. aaawwww kakalungkot :( but as they say, all dogs go to heaven.

  7. Mimi Sue and Dexter are partying up in the air. Great photo, blogmate. *hugs*

  8. condolence... I can feel ur pain, may yellow lab din ako na 8yrs old na this year and i know her days are numbered. great pic anyway to cherish the memories :)