Thursday, 18 November 2010

Landline Fail

Importante sa akin ang mobile landline. Kaya nga 2 years ago I got myself a Bayantel phone. Yung unit na mukhang cellphone, hindi yung parang aparato ng PLDT. But then I was carrying 3 cellphones in my pockets: My Globe phone which is my personal phone, my Sun phone which is my work at the same time my "Hani" phone (hihihihi) and my Bayantel mobile landline. So Imagine the hassle. But having the mobile landline is really convenient and cost effective.

And then Globe duo came in: a landline number connected to your Globe mobile number. Unlimited calls to and from landline numbers. That's 2 phones in 1. Hindi ko agad kinuha ito kasi nanghihinayang ako sa Bayantel phone ko. Kasi naman with Bayantel, you HAVE TO buy their phone before you can use their service. If I give up the Bayantel phone and get a DUO, it will still be with me pero somewhat useless na siya.

But the three phones were bothering me na (knowing na I can use 2 lang). Plus nainggit ako kay Hani kasi he availed a Globe duo replacing his PLDT mobile kaya 2 phones na lang ang bitbit niya.

So a few months ago I terminated my Bayantel account. I can still use daw my unit as a prepaid phone. I just need to have it reactivated kung kailangan ko pa. I availed the DUO service by texting the code to a certain number. 10 minutes later, my duo number was activated.

I can use my DUO number if I'm within metro Manila. I don't know about the northern boundary but here in the south, the metro manila duo coverage ends in Tunasan, Muntinlupa. Pagdating ng San Pedro, wala na. I know this kasi one time my accountant was trying to call me on my landline number when I was just at the San Pedro boundary and she couldn't reach me. San Pedro Laguna is still area code 02. She ended up calling me on my Sun mobile. So yeah, that sucks. But at least I have an alternatiive number.

So in my situation, the advantage of DUO over Bayantel is it's a hundred pesos cheaper, I have a land line number and mobile number on just one phone, and I don't have to buy a new phone unit to use the duo service.

So anong point ko?

WALA! Bored lang. Ang tagal namang tumawag ng Hani ko! Hmph!

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  1. keri na sana. natuwa ako kasi informative (shunga shungahan lang kasi ako ng slight sa mga ganitong bagay) until doon na ako sa part na "So anong point ko?"

    humalakhak na lang ako ng bonggang bongga.