Monday, 21 December 2009

Hermit D' Crab

After my morning work last Saturday, I went to the Cuenca Bazaar to check out what was still being sold there. After the big bazaar 2 weekends ago, I guess everyone's resources have been pretty much used up. Konti na lang ang tao. But there were still some fancy stuff that made me actually buy them. First there was this Sun in a Jar thing which I first saw in Shangri La mall the other weekend but it was being sold for about 1,500 pesos. Masyadong mahal for a borloloy furniture. But the cute chinese guy (hihihihihi) was selling it only for 750 pesos. 2 jars for 1,000 bucks!

Then I saw this lamp in the shape of a keyboard button. "ESC" was the only one available that can also be found on a Mac keyboard so that's the one that I bought. If you can get this thing for less than 400 pesos, don't let me know. Iiyak lang ako!

And my craziest purchase for the day was a pair of Hermit crabs. Yes, the same hermit crabs that you can catch on the beach for free! They look so cute (the painted shells, at least), I just wanted to buy one. I bought a container, 2 Hermit crabs, 2 bigger shells (in case they grow a little a decide to move to larger shells), sea salt, powdered pet food (I can also feed them small pieces of vegetables) and a small water spray (their habitat should always be moist). I placed them beside my bathroom window where they can have enough sunlight during the day, and be left undisturbed at night. They eat and drink at night. Kanina I was just watching them. I plan to take a video when I get the chance. That would be interesting.

My Mom gave me an area rug for my room. It was for the space between my bed and my TV. But it looked too plain so I had my sofa moved to the foot of my bed. It looks better and I can now comfortably watch my DVDs right in front of the screen. This is strange. I THINK there are 2 White Cats that have been visiting our house.

The other one has a pair of mismatched-colored eyes.


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