Friday, 25 December 2009

Starting Christmas with a Run

I just got home from a 45-minute jog around the village. FINALLY, tumakbo din ako. Well, it was more of a jog-walk in 1/4 of the village. Ang hirap pala! It's different running on pavement compared to running on the treadmill. Parang it's heavier. I now have a new level of respect for the cute 6:30AM village runners. But I feel good. After stretching, I started running at 5AM and it was still chilly. One block later, napagod na ako. Pero sabi ko sa sarili ko,

"Bakla, wag kang himatayin dito. Nakakahiya!"

I concentrated on my running and I felt better. Then I realized something.

"Gaga, ba't ka ba tumatakbo? Pwede ka din namang maglakad."

I decided to run and walk at 5-minute intervals. I conserved energy, and at the same time I didn't feel so stressed out. Anyway, my excuse is that I'm just starting... again. And thanks to the fact that I was the only one running on the road, hindi naman ako masyadong na-conscious, although I'm perfectly aware that I run like drunk rabbit (rabbits don't run di ba. They hop! SO imagine that).

Now I feel good and very much awake. Haha.

I don't know when I can do this again. Running, I mean. A running partner would be nice (hint, hint!).

This is a refreshing way to start my Christmas day. :)

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