Monday, 22 March 2010

Porny Puppets

I first watched Avenue Q 2 years ago and I loved it. Watching it for the 2nd time last saturday (same time, same venue) made me appreciate the play even more. Probably because I now know most of the songs.

And yes, the internet is for porn.


Met new friends as well that day. After an afternoon merienda at Pancake House in Rockwell, we had dinner at Som’s Noodle House which is just a block away. The owner did a major renovation on the place. What used to be a canteen-like kainan is now a three-storey building with parking space for 3 or 4 cars at the front. There are still tables and chairs on the street. We decided to eat there, instead of the enclosed airconditioned space, to still have that canteen feel like how we used to know the place.

It was a good night. Though, I couldn’t fully participate in the conversations because of my dry cough, which has been going on for 3 weeks now.


I wanna watch Legally Blonde the Musical next month. Yez, meron po siyang myuzikal!


  1. Hay at last! May "followers" option ka na. =)

  2. haha. ang dami na palang nabago sa Blogger! :D

  3. ooh i saw it last weekend too! :D i love the song na may line na "there's a fine, fine line between i love you and a waste of time" nasad lang ako.

    and ofcourse the dream nung gay puppet. :c

  4. hahaha. thats my favorite song too. may special relevance sa buhay ko. LOL