Monday, 31 May 2010

Lack of Interest

I was at Bona Coffee last night in Westgate with 2 friends and I couldn't help but notice how intense my friends' conversation was. They were not debating. But rather, they were explaining about their jobs, their passion. C, a doctor, is passionate about medicine and about doing his job. And H, an architect, is so much into design and the arts. Eh paano na si Felipe, a diwata, saan siya ngayon passionate? My life shouldn't get complicated thinking about this. I'm shallow in a way that I just accept everything the way I see it. But last night made me curious with what am I really super mega over to the max interested about. And I couldn't think about anything. How sad is that. 3 decades after being born, I still haven't developed an extra interest on something. Not even books. Not even fine arts. Not even boys.


Not even my job which I personally think is one of the most JUSKO-DAY-AYOKO-NA jobs in this planet (that's why I always look forward to weekends).

A month from now I will be celebrating my birthday at home with people who matter in my life. Sana, this year, I get to develop a special curiousity on something that can make my life a little more interesting, with these people or on my own.

Well, kung wala naman, sana ako ang maging pinaka makapangyarihang diwata sa probinsya ko.


  1. Ay dapat you should master the art of turning froglettes into fairy princesses!

  2. hmmm.... pag-iisipan ko yan. pero manganga-ilangan ko ng additional powers. kailangan kong ma-promote from diwata to diyosa.

  3. advance happy birthday

    paCANTON ka naman! lol!

  4. Nimrod - ahetchu ahetchu ahetchu ahetchu ! Hehehe

  5. Advance Philip! :D

    Madami ka naman readers eh:D for sure madami lurkers like me. haha

  6. passionate ka naman sa Cafe World restaurant mo ah. LOL

    face of a diwata + body of a dyosa = Philip!
    Advance happy happy!

  7. why not master the art of teasing? if you can do that, i might run from ortigas to alabang. echoz!

  8. NimRod - Malakas kang chumorva ngayon ha! LOL

    John Stanley - Alabang is near Ortigas lang kaya. LOL. Di mo na ako makikita sa Grindr. Na-delete ko na. Hehehe