Monday, 10 May 2010

Today, I Failed

I had a very good day. Voted in the morning; went to ATC with the boyfriend to pig out; went to Tagaytay to pig out some more; met up with Rusky for some tambay time; and then went home feeling happy. I was REALLY happy. I enjoyed driving with the boyfriend. The Alabang-Tagaytay route was a stress-free ride today. It was a beautiful day for a joy ride.

I'm trying to live my life now with positivity and forgiveness. And with that I'm trying to consider or see that there is goodness with everyone, even if he or she is mean to me or to other people. I'm also trying to watch my temper. My rule is to let it blow now and then forget about it right away. I don't wanna keep any of that pain. Pero minsan I just couldn't get through that last part. Some people are just unbelieveably mean.

I had a little "encounter" with a friend (and at this point, I'm trying to evaluate if I'm really considering him as a friend or just an acquaintance/jerk who I met online years ago) just a few minutes ago. The subject is quite sensitive, so I'm not going to tell anything about it. Medyo affected ako. But that's me. Suffice it to say that he was being insensitive towards another friend -- and me -- that got me worried and disturbed.

I'd like to scream. Now.

Putang ina mo Paul. You're so fuckin' insensitive. You're the biggest jerk, I so fuckin' swear, man. I still wonder if you have real friends. Seriously, it's you who needs to be checked. In the head. SERIOUSLY. You're ending my day with THIS. You made me mad and nervous at the same, I fuckin' hate you right now!