Friday, 2 July 2010

T for Tired

I'm so tired, I can't seem to use the calculator properly. I decided not to do my afternoon rounds anymore. This is gonna cost me a load on Monday. Ay bahala na. I can now only do brainless activities like sleeping, staring at the ceiling cracks or blogging. Echoz sa blogging! LOL! I have been sleeping late for the passed 2 weeks. No, it's not the insomnia. It's work related stuff. Because I'm going out of town next weekend, I need to keep my records updated in bongang-bongang speed. So far I believe the records are correct. I still haven't received any complaints from my accountant yet. Bruhang yan, inaaway ako. LOL. Last night I slept late naman sorting out some old clothes kasi some friends and I are having a garrage sale tomorrow in Makati. I don't have a lot of things to sell. But I'm looking forward to leaving Alabang earlier than usual. Ahaha.

Heniway highway, so we got a new President. Hooooray, right? I know the Philippines is a hopeless case. The people in the government will always be corrupt. The Filipinos will always be unreliable, lazy and undisciplined. The police will forever be spawns of the devil. And the rest of the politicians and local governments will forever be magnanakaw. Except for Batanes, perhaps. Kaya I want to retire there. P-Noy maybe the better choice and it's good that he won (though I voted for a more experienced and educated candidate). But the attitude of the masa still hasn't changed. Keep in mind that the Ateneo drop out actor placed in close 2nd. This is the same womanizing drunkard who was President of a lousy government more than 10 years ago and was impeached by a 2nd People Power and yet a sticky peanut butter chunk of people voted for him. I don't understand na how we can improve the Pinoys' intellect. Would it be giving them the highest quality of education or totally wiping out the kayumangi race and replace it with Koreans and Iranians. Para naman ang Pinoy maging disiplinado at progressive tulad ng sa Korea and kasing guapo and HOT ng mga Iranian sa Taft. Hahaha. Pink brain, sorry na lang. LOL. Binay is a questionable character as well. Ok so we all know that he's corrupt, big time. Balita ko when he and his wife separated, lawyers were talking about division of billions. Pucha Mayor lang siya saan nangaling ang pera niya, di ba? Makati people harap-harapan kayong ninanakawan. He claims to be an activitist during martial law and EDSA 1. Pero his running mate was Erap, a close friend of the Marcoses. Heller level 100, right? Ay, ayan pa. Sinipa ng mamayang Pilipino ang pamilyang yan tungong Hawaii because of numerous crimes against the country. Actually papatayin sana sila ng mga nag-revolt but they were rescued by Reagan. Pero now they're here, still enjoying their ill-gotten wealth and this month 3 Marcoses are back in power (And it's not just them. Kasama na yung cronies nila including Cojuanco and Enrile), and one is a Senator. And Binay is swearing them to office I heard. Oh, c'mon! Heller, di ba? What have the Filipinos done? Sa ngayon what I can see is that Binay is going to be P-Noy's sakit ng ulo, aside from the Filipinos na rin na walang ginawa kundi magreklamo nang magreklamo. Sabi nga ng Daddy ko, the Philippines is how it is because of us. Or something like that. Shucks, panis. I'm so tired na talaga. Aside from the billions of pesos he can make nakaw, I don't understand why anyone would want to be the President of the Philippines. Sana sinakop na lang tayo ng Amerikano. We could have been like Guam. And Noynoy should watch his back, literally. 2nd in power is Evil Negro and it's not impossible na ipapatay siya so he can become President because he's power hungry. He claims to be the Obama of the Philippines. What the heck is that about? Well, Obama is failing America, so yeah, I guess tama siya. And I think Roxas should stop protesting. Tapos na eh! Talo ka na. Nakakahiya ka na. I voted for you pa naman. Ehehehe.

On to more important issues, my beel-beel is back again. Hindi naman siya totally nawala in the first place. And Boracay is just a week away. Waaaaah!!!!


  1. haha basta T is for Tamod or Titi!

    aahha wag na magreklamo, rumampa ka na lang sa Boracay! Enjoy! :P

  2. Natuwa ako sa gayspeak peppered with political bits. Winner ka mother!