Friday, 8 October 2010


If you're a fan of True Blood, may bago akong crush doon. Si Tommy, Sam's brother. Yung shape shifter din. So siyempre, google-kiti-google naman ako to find out more about him. His name is Marshall Allman and he has been doing TV and Short Films for some years now. And check this out, he did a gay short film in 2005. Kaloka ang story. It's about 2 (cute) brothers na naka-inlaban at naglaplapan at nagjombogan. Sounds more like a Pinoy indie-indihan film to me. Pero walang nudity sa film. May konting kissy-kissy, more underwear show but that's it. Pero, la lang. Cute lang siya. Gusto kong pumunta sa Cartimar at bumili ng pet na kasing cute niya. LOL.

Starcrossed - Gay Shorts
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  1. ay shet! kaloka ang story at NSFW!

  2. I'm a big fan of True Blood...and Alcide the werewolf is damnnnnnnn HOT ehhehe...that's Joe Manganiello ehehe :P

  3. I first saw the cutie in grey's anatomy. Cute nga =D

    I agree with Soltero, Alcide is damn fine.