Wednesday, 5 May 2010


A friend was telling me how user-friendly tumblr is so kanina I signed up and tried setting up a new blog. Ey for EYFORT. I was looking for features like the Reading List (blogs you're following kahit naka post sa ibang blog site) tulad sa Blogger pero hindi ko makita. And the comments screening tab. I also didn't know how to upload my profile pic, pero nakita ko din eventually. Bobo levels, sorry na lang. Gusto ko din sana mag-import ng blog entries like what Multiply does. My gulay. Ang learning curve ko, humahaba na, bumababa pa. Anyway, I'll try to figure this out. And when I'm comfortable enough with it -- or if it serves my needs -- I'll delete my LJ and Blogspot na. Otherwise, post-kiti-post pa rin ako dito.


I'm at the office again. Hate ko dito kasi wala ako magawa tapos ang ingay pa ng construction sa labas. I'd rather be doing my rounds(Naks. Sipag effect). Kaso I need to be here kasi may binabantayan akong bruha. What to do, what to do. Pasalamat na lang nagpalagay ako dito ng wifi. I have an appointment an hour from now. Pero mamaya pa yun. Tapos hindi pa luto yung Atomic Buffalo Wings ko sa Cafe World.


I'm bored. Zzzzzz.... laterrrrr.

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