Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Found It!

I have been blogging on and off since 2003. I started with blogspot, abandoned my first account and created a 2nd one. Then because of privacy concerns I moved to livejournal (nahulaan ng kapit bahay ko na ako yun!). NOW I'm back to blogspot with my 3rd account. Ako kasi I tend to forget what I've written about kaya sometimes nagugulat na lang ako na my friends know about this and that and I would go, "Ha? Nasulat ko ba yun?" So yeah, that's how I am.

Last night, I was googling up myself (with more than 1 keyword) and found my old blogspot blogs. I'm NOT gonna share the URL with you kasi my entries were really embarassing: content, grammar (I seldom proof read) and PICTURES. But my old site was kinda popular with my friends because of my kwentos about my Mom.


July 22. 2005

My Mom got Bern's and Mia's boyfriends mixed up. Sabi ko sa kanya Si Bernice ikakasal na next year. Tanong naman ng nanay ko,

"ah, doon sa taga-Cebu?"

"Hindi, yung taga, Bacolod"

"Parang 1 year lang yata sila, ah?"

"Mommy, isang dekada na silang mag-boyfriend."

"Di ba kay Mia yun?"

"Kay Bernice"

"Sino ulit si Bernice?"

"Yung nakatira malapit kay Tita Golly."

"Yung bumibili sa iyo ng bato? (diamonds)"

"Si Mia yun"

"Yung kasama natin nung Edsa dos?"

"Si Bernice yun."

"Ah... si Mia yung ikakasal."

"Si Bernice nga."

"Yung may boyfriend na taga-Cebu?"
(repeat lines 2 to 10)


If I have the time, I will try to merge my old funny entries with my current blogspot site (before starts cleaning up inactive blog sites). I can't access my old accounts anymore. Nakalimutan ko na yung mga username and password ko.

La lang. My little project lang naman.

And in case you have been blog reading since 2005, this was my banner:


  1. Ang kulet lang hahaha Pa kiss!

  2. moms are really the funniest creatures ahaha :P

    oh now i miss my mama hehehe :P

  3. gulo ng usapan oh. ang kulit! hahaha

  4. JR - Muwah!

    Soltero - hehe

    imsonotconio - mas kyut ka!

    Nimmy - yes yes. :D

    Chichirya - Eeeek! No. A stray cat I saw while having lunch in Lipa Batangas with my parents.

  5. in fairness, nakita ko na ang old blog mo. ang cute lang ng profile pic na may digicam, hehehe!