Monday, 14 June 2010

I Don't Care if Monday's Blue

What's with the weekend ba? Puro sad stories ang naririnig ko. I have this friend who's boyfriend just broke up with him and he's so hagulgol with matching i-am-the-saddest-nilalang-out-there-I-swear moment. Sabi ko na lang, "girlfriend, single ka na day! Lumandi ka na! Go for gold!!" And there's this friend na may love problem. He likes this guy he dated last week and he's like naloloka ala axe effect for him kaya lang the guy yata is not interested kasi friend is too young for him. Sabi ko simple lang yung problem niya. Watch Legally Blonde. Bend and Snap lang kaya! LOL. AND THEN there's this other friend of mine. Straight siya kaya JUSKO DAY serious ang problem niya. He and his wife visited me at home last night to seek my help. Their daughter kasi is handicapped and they need assistance for her therapy. In other words, isa akong piggy bank kagabi. I'd like to help naman if I have enough to spare. Sana I were as rich as Manny Pacquiao (Diyosas forbid, pera lang ang makopya ko sa kanya hindi mukha niya) I can make pamigay pera here and there. Sky's the langit! Pero I'm a business man and I use money with my business to make more money because that's my bread and butter. My gulay, my friends know I don't even make time for a long vacation (Pero Boracay humanda ka sa akin next month susugurin kita!!). Anyway, I gave them some help naman But only the amount that I can give without collateral and interest. Anyway, they're my friends. I'll think about it as a form of help. I'm so ready na for my sainthood!

"There you have it ladies and gentlemen... Miss... Venezuelaaaaaaaaaaah...."

I don't wanna dwell so much on the things that make me sad. Sayang ang time. Anyway, it's a holiday and I'm at the office now. I was in muni-muni mood this morning kasi I was sad nga (or wala sa mood maging jollibee) due to my weekend tapos I was just staring out of the car window. Siguro akala ng driver ko psycho nanaman ako.


Anyway I'm fine. I just need to get home later and swim. Or sleep. Whatever. The dramas of the universe is so nakakahawa, grabe.


  1. nakakahawa talaga ang drama ng universe. i think that's where the genius of the bend and snap lies. you bend so everything falls off and then you snap to get yourself back together. it's the F5 of the human body. haha

    or i just like elle too much.

  2. walang picture sa post. may something wrong nga. LOL.

  3. haha ganun tlaga merong mga sad/heavy heart days pero cge mag boracay ka and magpost ng mga pics na naka swimsuit ahahah... yah c manny, sana katawan na lang sya hihi :P

  4. Hugs to you Felipe, (sabay f*ck ;-) hahaha akala mo wholesome comment ko ha!

  5. Citybouy - Sinabi mo pa. LOL.

    NimRod - May ganon? Walang bluetooth yung laptop gamit ko kanina eh. Di ako maka send ng picture. Ahaha.

    Soltero - sabay kanta "see my bikini.... it's just the right siiiiize..... the heat is on in Saigon."

    JR - Langhiya ka. Hahaha.