Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Storm Muni-Muni

As the rain and wind crash against my windows, I couldn't help but wake up and watch the silhouette of bamboo branches and leaves dance in the middle of my window frame. The expecting storm is definitely here. We don’t have electricity right now. The house is being powered by a generator. And I suppose nobody’s going to work later.

Ang galing ng timing ng dating ng dalawa bisita namin – a nephew and a niece from Las Vegas. They arrived yesterday morning. I will have a floormate in the next 3 weeks. I wonder how they’re doing right now with this storm. I can see light coming from under Nephew’s bedroom door, the guest room infront of my bedroom. He’s either awake or fell asleep with the lights on. Niece on the other hand is using the bigger guest room. If she’s awake right now, she might be cursing on her first trip to the Philippines.

So hayun. Super gising ako ngayon. 1 hour na. Medyo afraid na rin sa lakas ng hangin. Dahil baka matangay ang kotche ko na naka-park lang sa kalye. CHOZ! Anyway, dahil sa brownout, baka ang ending ng pamilya namin mamaya ay tambay sa libreng aircon ng ATC, kung bukas man ang malls.

I'm hungry. I want to go to McDo pero cannot be! What to do, what to do.


  1. what to do? uhmmmm. take some pictures idol. ahihi :)

  2. enjoy the wind... its been a while since it has gotten this cold.