Wednesday, 27 October 2010


It has almost been a month and even though the new dog keeps me distracted somehow, I am still reminded of Dexter whenever I walk through our garrage. I still miss that big puppy. 10 years ko din kasi kasabay na tumanda yan.

Yun lang naman.

And speaking of the new dog, here's a pic of Big Boy right after I brought him home from his 2nd vet visit last Saturday. One of the few moments he stood still for the camera.

Isn't…. he… a…. CUTIE??

I just wish he'd grow up soon. He's so hyper, I can't keep up with him. But if he's grown up na, I can safely take him out for walks.


  1. i love your cute puppy dog...and i love your old dog who passed away. mukha siyang mabait at loyal dog talaga. nga pala san ang vet mo? there's a new vet clinic sa Madrigal Center...Vets in Practise. they are good.....lalo na yung main branch nila sa Mandaluyong, you should try and check them out.

  2. CanMaker - yeah, Dexter was a very loyal dog. I posted a pic a month ago. Very loyal. But he was too old I had to put him down. Sa Animal House sa Alabang Hills ko pinagawa. I bring my pets to Animal Doctors, Along Zapote Road, nasa tapat ng Isuzu. But I can check out Vets in Practise. is madrigal Center the one with Starbucks and Frank provost? :) Hindi ko sigurado kasi sa name nung building. :D